Bangladeshi-born jihadi dies in Syria


They are the evil young British jihadists killed by western military forces in the fightback against Islamic State terrorists in their Syrian badlands.

Ruhul Amin, 26, and Reyaad Khan, 21, died in an RAF drone strike, while the third jihadist, Junaid Hussain, also 21, died in a separate US airstrike.

Amin, from Aberdeen in Scotland, once boasted on British breakfast TV of his hatred of non-Muslims. Cardiff-born Khan starred in a glossy IS recruitment video, while Hussain was behind a plot to blow up a military parade in south London earlier this summer. What else do we know about the barbaric trio?

A photograph of Ruhul Amin snapped on a night out a few years ago shows a clean-shaven and smiling man posing jokily with friends.

It was taken in happier times when the Bangladeshi-born jihadi was in his early 20s and still living in Aberdeen where he grew up – his father ran a kebab shop.

Now the engineering student is dead at 26 after fleeing for Syria to become an Islamic State fighter. He had sent text messages to friends saying he would ‘stay out here forever’ because he had nothing to live for in the UK.

One test message read: ‘As a Muslim you cannot live in the country of Kuffars [disbelievers]. I am ready to fight them anywhere. I want to die for the sake of Allah.’

From his camp in Syria, Amin gave an interview to ITV’s Good Morning Britain last year, claiming there were ‘thousands’ of young British Muslims fighting with IS. He described his plane taking off from Gatwick for Syria as ‘one of the happiest moments of my life’.

A month earlier, Amin had appeared holding a gun in a slick IS recruitment video, There is No Life Without Jihad. In it, he asked: ‘Are you willing to sacrifice the fat job you’ve got, the big car, the family?‘Definitely! If you sacrifice something for Allah, Allah will give you 700 times more than this.

‘All my brothers living in the West, I know how you feel. When I used to live there, in the heart you feel depressed. The cure for depression is jihad.’