Zaima Rahman to step into politics

Nashrat Arshiana Chowdhury

Granddaughter of BNP chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia and daughter of BNP senior vice chairman Tarek Rahman, Zaima, is preparing to come into politics. She didn’t go to Oxford University for this. She is now studying law in a famous university in London. Her aim is to be a barrister. Then she wants to practice as a lawyer and involve herself in politics simultaneously.

A close link of Tarek Rahman’s family informed that Khaleda Zia and Tarek Rahman are thinking of Zaima as the worthy successor. She is being prepared in London for that. Zaima is the only child of Tarek Rahman.

Zaima completed her O levels obtaining A grade in all the 8 subjects. She also completed her A levels with getting A grades in all her subjects from London.

At the moment, she is studying in second year in law. She will complete her honors degree in 2017. She will be a barrister by 2018. Then she will complete all the procedures needed to practice as a lawyer and start practicing in UK. Then she will come to Bangladesh before or after 2019.